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Positive Therapeutics — Working together

Garlanda Jackson MSPT, C/NDT, Founder/CEO

A realization occurred that recovery does not happen in a specific place, therefore, we are a home and community based rehabilitation practice. We strive to facilitate our patients in achieving goals that are unique to the individual. Our vision, is to create an environment that fosters a patient centered therapeutic approach which helps you reach your optimal level of function, re-integrate into prior social roles, and achieve specific personalized goals.

The Practice

Brain Sketch

Neurological Rehabilitation

Helping You Regain Function

Nothing matters more than your function and independence, which is why we’ve put in so much time and effort into advancing our knowledge and techniques. Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.

Neck Brace

Manual Therapy

Taking Care of You

Through a holistic approach to treatment, we try viewing each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated.  Your health deserves proper care and attention and Positive Therapeutics is able to provide. Please contact today to schedule an appointment.

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